tajen by Peof Lexi

 The words and the music might not always seem to go together—at least not at first—but if you listen for the more subtle rhythms that lie beneath the surface rhythm, if you begin to think about the meaning of the words and how the music enhances that meaning, then you are really able to appreciate the song. Writing is much the same. The book-length readings/media resources that accompany your study might not seem to have much to do with the topic of your Final Project—at least not on the surface—but when you think about their broad themes and how they are still today, you begin to make connections.Respond to of the following five main topics in the area of the course navigation menu. Respond to the topic that is designated for the Discussion Group to which you were assigned based on your selection. Be sure to provide for any outside sources used, using formatting. The required reading should be completed prior to this Discussion post and should be referenced in the Discussion post, using APA formatting.  This week, be sure to participate in the Discussion thread based on the case study you selected. You may also read and respond to discussions about other case studies but your main post due on Day 4 should be in the thread related to your chosen case study. >>>>>>>Topic 2: What do the censorship and lack of privacy at the center of have to do with the topic of your Final Project and with current events? Write a 250-word persuasive paragraph in response to this question RESOUCESShelley, M. (1823). (2nd ed.). London, England: G. & W. B. Whittaker.

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