The Bluest Eye -Two facets of Identity (race, gender, class, culture, etc.,) have shaped African American

Instruction & Requirements:
DIRECTIONS FOR WRITER: US Writer only, First language MUST BE English(U.S.) The WORD document for the assignment MUST BE in English (U.S.)


1. The Bluest Eye- Toni Morrison ISBN:0307278441 MUST READ: The Bluest Eye- Toni Morrison MUST READ: The Bluest Eye- Toni Morrison Using two to four primary texts (one must be The Bluest Eye) from the course and two to four secondary (outside) sources, prepare an argument that seeks to explain how two facets of identity (race, gender, class, culture, etc.,) have shaped important African American literary texts. Your argument should be well-developed and original despite using secondary sources. The sources should only accent and support your own thesis. (The paper must use one (1) text from the course (thus far) and three (3) outside secondary sources/any source would do (outside of course required texts); please feel free to be creative). MLA documentation citation is required.

USE THESE TWO (2) OUTSIDE SECONDARY SOURCES (2 scholarly articles): 1. Understanding African American Adolescents Identity Development: A Relational Developmental Systems Perspective

2. How Black History Has Shaped The African American Experience 3. The Perceived Realism of African American Portrayals on Television

ESSAY REQUIREMENT: Minimum of 15 pages, not including outline, work cited page or cover page Final 15-20 Page Essay (40%) ***DIRECTIONS FOR PAPER FORMAT: 1. Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font 2. No running headings 3. One (1)-inch margins 4. Cover and reference pages do not count 5. Ensure that you use academic tone and provide support for your conclusions. 6. Paper MUST include in-text citations (i.e., copying-and-pasting others work into your paper) will result in a 0.

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