The Changing American Family

Instruction & Requirements:
Consider your current employer (United States Air Force). Your supervisor has asked you to give a Power Point presentation on how the American family has changed over the past 100 years (since 1920). Specifically, the supervisor wants to know how these changes might affect your company. This presentation should be no more than 6 Power Point slides (including one slide for Sources Cited.

For example, will demand for services or goods change as the family evolves? How might your company adjust to meet the changing family lives of its employees? Will the company want to respond to this change in its marketing messages? Are there aspects of the company facilities that might need to be changed? Will new people or departments need to be added to respond to changes in the family? Will the skill sets of the company employees need to change?

Be certain that your presentation is addressed to the intended audience and that the context (or reason) of your presentation is obvious. Since you want your employer to realize what a great asset you are to the company, be certain to provide as many references to credible researched sources as you are able in order to anchor your report in objectivity AND to make its content beyond reproach. (Cite no fewer than four sources).

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