The effects advertising has on society.

This is a research proposal. Each student will create a research proposal. Students will not actually carry out the research data gathering process. Students should expect to visit with their major program advisor for assistance in identifying appropriate topics for research. The first chapter is the Introduction Chapter. This chapter should include a background discussion of the problem under study. Secondly, a problem statement must be developed. Third, a purpose statement must be developed. Finally, the objectives of the research project should be included followed by key definitions and the scope and limitations of the proposed study. The second chapter is the Literature Review chapter. This chapter is the bulk of the proposal and should include an exhaustive library and computer search of related articles and materials. The subsections of this chapter should begin with a brief review of the problem under study followed by a lengthy theoretical review. The third chapter is the Methodology chapter. This chapter reviews past research efforts and offers support for the proposed data gathering techniques. An in-depth understanding of the methods and approaches will allow each student to determine their proposed methods and discuss them in detail. Student will explain how they would gather data for the study if it were to be carried out. The final two sections of the paper include the references pages and then the instruments and resume of the student. Instruments should include a student developed instrument, although existing inventories, scales, and survey instruments can be used as well.

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