The Influence of Democratic Leadership on Employee Performance

Instruction & Requirements:
Hello my friend,

This assignment is my first chapter of my dissertation (the introduction), and I already wrote 5-page for this project in one of my previous classes (refer to attached file). In the attached written paper the topic is the influence of leadership on employee performance while my new topic is the same but focusing on one leadership style which is ( democratic leadership ). Your task is narrow the written content down and write more 7-page to cover all the required elements in chapter 1 for the dissertation: 1- I want you to change the 5-page written content to meet my new topic (The Influence of Democratic Leadership on Employee Performance) instead of the old one which is (The Influence of Leadership on Employee Performance). 2- Make sure u cover all the elements in the first chapter of the dissertation: 1. Title page (page 1) 2. Introduction (start of page 2) 3. Background/recent history of the issue if appropriate 4. Statement of the problem 5. Statement of the purpose 6. Recent statistics on issue if appropriate 7. Research Questions (try to keep it to one question) 8. Hypotheses 9. Significance of topic 10. Key definitions 11. Key assumptions and limitations of the study 12. Summary Note: 7 pages of writing and 5 pages of rewriting of my file

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