“The relationship between cyberbullying and school shootings” argument essay.

You have been hired by The New York Times as a contributing writer. Your goal is to contribute to the editorial staff in a meaningful way. Your first opinion column will be due in a month–but first you have to pitch your ideas to the staff writers (the rest of the class). Once the rest of the staff writers have signed off on your pitch, you have to find at least 3 credible sources and one NYT article that you incorporate into your argument. The format of this essay should be similar to the online articles, which contain more than 5 paragraphs. Each paragraph should not be longer than half of the paper. You can find 3 sources and 1 article from New York Times by your choices. (Wikipedia and ProCon.org are not credible sources.) Can you tell me which source you are going to use on Sunday, September 18th?

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