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Tourism and hospitality is the hot topic now days. Many students wish to pursue their studies in Hospitality management. Tourism covers subjects like travel, adventure, hotels and accommodation, customer handling and customer services. It also covers ecotourism, medical and educational tourism. Dissertation of tourism subject is also challenging, since the subject needs to physical visit and tour as well. Sometime student com across the material on the internet but they might come with disaster as the sources are not authentic and are based on the travelers view.

There are some topics which you might have to cover for your dissertation

  • Role of Online website providing tour packages, hotel and flights.
  • Study on the culture of various countries
  • Role of tourism in growth of any country
  • Review on any specific hotel brand for accommodation
  • Factors influencing the selection of hotels and packages
  • Comparative analysis of tourism in western and developed countries

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Medical: People travel across the globe for medical purpose as well. The charges of developed and developing counties are different that is the reason people travel to those where charges are less. We can give comparative analysis on their travel.

Hospitality: it covers all the aspects related to your travel, like accommodation, food, flight, relaxation packages, catering, resorts and the entertainment as well. Hospitality itself is a wide topic and one can always select any hospitality topic for dissertation.

Black tourism: travelling to the places associated with war and terror or, disaster, sufferings or any major catastrophe. You can come across for the travelling topic which can be related from any battleship or natural calamity as well.

Ecotourism: It is the most emerging topic in recent world. People who are interested to visit the ecological sites and want to see the natural attractions prefer to visit eco related places. You can find many topics on ecotourism as well.

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