Using Holly Johnson and Myrna Dawson’s book,which policies offer the most promise to curb violence against women?

 Essay Assignment Using Holly Johnson and Myrna Dawson’s book, Violence against Women in Canada (2011 Oxford University Press), as a starting point, address the following two questions: 1) In your assessment, which policies offer the most promise to curb violence against women? 2) What new directions do you propose to advance research on intimate partner violence? Your 10 page double-spaced typed (minimum font size 12 and margins of 2 cm or greater) essay assignment is due in discussion forum on the 19th November, 2015. Late work will be accepted until 25th November 2015 without penalty. After one week (26th November), assignments will not be accepted without official documentation. Essays submitted on time will receive written comments and will be returned within 2 weeks (in the final discussion forum). Essays submitted late with be graded and ready for pick up after classes end (early December) from your assigned teaching assistant. Students are responsible to keep an electronic copy of their essay on a secure storage device (USB or external hard drive). The cover page of the essay should include the following information: a title for your essay, your name, student number, course number and title, professor’s name, and date. Staple essays at the top left corner (no folders, binders, clamps). The bibliography should be prepared according to A.S.A. guidelines. The reference list is to be single-spaced. The essay should be based on research from major journals in sociology, criminology, and criminal justice. You may also draw on books, book chapters, and other scholarly sources. Quality is stressed over quantity, but the target length is 10 typed pages, not including references, title page, and any appendices (You may include up to 5 tables or graphs). The essay will be evaluated according to the following criteria: (a) Pertinence: The literature reviewed is relevant, accurate, and current. Citations are used to substantiate presentations of ideas and issues. (b) Purposefulness: The paper identifies central ideas and follows them throughout the paper. The paper develops with a clear sense of introduction, purpose, development, and conclusion. Socy389, page 8  (c) Organization: The paper is organized into clear sections demarcated by headings and/or paragraph divisions. The heading organization is consistent with the purpose of the paper. (d) Writing Style & Grammar: Formal, scientific writing style (ASA) is used with correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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