Watch the first 56 minutes of the documentary: the Native Americans: Testimony of the Forefathers and answer the following questions:

1.Why are the Lakota telling their stories to the peoples of the four directions?  2.What did Columbus write in his log shortly after encountering the Arawak’s of the Bahamas?  3.How did the Declaration of independence describe Native Americans in 1776? 4.How are treaties with Indigenous Peoples described in the video? 5.In 1823 how did the Supreme Court of the US define “discovery”? 6.When did boarding school originate and what was its impact on Native Peoples? 7.Which doctrine was the US endorsing when sending soldiers West after the Civil War ended in 1865? 8.What was the purpose of US army general John Pope with regards to the Sioux (Lakota) people? 9.What was wounded Knee and why did it occur? 10.In 1903 what Supreme court decision gave power over the lands of Indigenous People to the US congress? 11.In the 1960’s and 70’s how did the US federal government agency (the HIS )treat Lakota women? 12.In 1973 what happened at Wounded Knee and how did the conflict end? 13.What was a primary cause of the murder rate on the Pine Ridge reservation to soar upwards between 1973 and 1976? 14.When was boarding school policy developed and what was the outcome for Indigenous People?  15.What is meant by describing the current elders of the tribe as “boarding school people”? 

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