What are the Cultural differences between men and women.

THINK OF A THESIS!!! Discuss gender relations in the novel. How are men and women treated differently? Does this different treatment affect the novel’s development? What do you believe to be Garcia Marquez’ position with regard to this different treatment of men and women? Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez Book:”Chronicle of a Death Foretold” Write about the culture differences between men and women. needs to be connnected to the novell that is attached. Format for writing assignments Each of the works written in this course should conduct an analysis of a literary work that relates the thematic content of a text chosen by its shape. A job that deals exclusively with the content of a text, regardless of its formal aspects, can not receive a higher rating than “C-.” Nor can repeat what was said in class. A job that does nothing more than repeat what was said in class may not receive a high note. The thesis work are left available to the student, although it is suggested to consult with the teacher in case of any doubt and that the text is read or make suggestions for generating ideas. I. Suggestions for developing a good job: 1) Choose a topic you love or intrigue you. 3) Ask yourself the question, what are the most important formal elements of this text, and how to help develop the chosen theme? 4) Turn the answers to this question in the thesis (thesis statement) of an argument. 5) Choose selections of text (quotes) serve to develop the argument of the work. 6) Give a title to your work. (Attention! If you can not think of a title, you might thesis or argument is not well developed)


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