What does the Constitution if the United States have to say about slavery and/or the slave trade?

Choose two of the questions below and write clear, well developed essays that address the questions. No matter which position you take on theses question you should be certain to support it with material from the texts, from class or other relevant material. Remember your position is only as strong as the support you provide for it.

It can be argued that within the war the American “Patriots” waged against the British for independence was another war for emancipation. Discuss the relationship between these two wars. What were the issues? How were they similar? How were they different?

What does the Constitution if the United States have to say about slavery and/or the slave trade?

It has been said that in the years following the American Revolution (1780s to 1820s) the choices available to Africans in the United States were:

They were Africans who would do best if they returned to Africa.

They were “Americans with a dark skin” and created institutions that were
based on the cultural norms and social institutions of the dominant white society.

They were African people whose future was in America in the land they had
worked to develop, they created institutions to support their distinct cultural

Which of the choices do you feel dominated at the time? (If you do not think it was any of these, you may present another option, but it may not be a combination of any of these choices).
The best book to use would be “The Negro in the American Revolution”.
If i like the paper, their will be a second

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