What is films impact on our perception of emotional issues such as love

i want the souress from http://library.aus.edu summon search their or u can get it from here http://web.a.ebscohost.com.ezproxy.aus.edu/ehost/search/basic?sid=61c144c3-4c99-4353-845a-b67cff9bf54a%40sessionmgr4003&vid=0&hid=4109

all of the sources must be scholarly sources

in the annotted in need for each source cation + summry + evalution + reflect (my opinion) please note that my essay will be argumentative syntheses essay

so i want the sources related to the my topic and please only find from the websites that i post the sources

ill upload an example please i need it the same level of writing and thank you for your work in the muhnad effect i got a 90%

ill let you write my essay too but later on based on this annotted biblgrophy

don’t forget that my essay will be argumentative synthesis essay and that i need counter argumentat and opposing points

so based on that chose the sources

the draft that i upload is my friend draft i want the same level and the same format for each source caution summary evaluation and reflect (my opinion)
don’t forget to chose the sources only from the websites that i post and all of the sources mut be scholarly

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