What is the importance of NTMs Police?

What is the importance of NTMs Police? When was it recorded? Write your own critique of Police (A critique is not a simple summary of the songs lyrics, it is an analysis, a discussion of a songs strengths, weaknesses, and values/origins illustrated with specific examples in the lyrics). Read the lyrics in English translation below.

See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsBB3EWzgqY

Read in the French original:

Supreme NTM, Police
Added on 28.10.2015 22:09
Supreme NTM, Police
Translated from the French by A-P Durand

Let me see some ID, this is a control-

Classic formula you have to get used to.

But in the hood,

the cops have abused of power abuse.

You must know how electrically charged the atmosphere is,

so no respect, no expected mercy.

You will have regrets because:

Never through repression will you get peace,

the soul peace, mans respect.

But this notion of humanity disappear when they put on their uniforms,

preferring in the end form over content, fearing the out of norm.

Even worst if, according to their manual, your color is unorthodox

An organized and hierarchized gang.

They are protected by the highest authorities.

They are allowed to carry weapons in spite of their numerous blunders.

How can one pretend to defend the State, when one is himself

in an advanced state of inebriation? Often mentally retarded.

The typical portrait, the poor guy prototype,

here is why in overzealousness they excel.

Here is why insults are pouring when the swallows are passing by.

For us it will not be fuck the police,

but a special Fuck Your Mother from the mother country of vice.

Police a brainless machine under Justices orders and upon which I pee.

Police a brainless machine under Justices orders and upon which I pee.

Absolutely not representative of the masses,

what am I supposed to expect from the cops laws,

these laws that for me are just the signal of more shit waiting to happen?

Look I am passing by them.

The damn bastard becomes nervous:

Oh oh police control, sir

The story systematically gets more complicated.

Feeling my pockets and then pressing my balls.

Not allowing me any reproach besides the fact I am walking by.

Undermining their ugly mugs.

To hunt the cops in the subways hallways,

These are the night dreams of Joey Joe,

Give me bullets for the city police.

Give me a shooter

Another nipped affair, a file classified,

Placed at the bottom of a drawer, in a closet.

Because order comes from the top,

Rotten at all levels.

A diplomat who does business with pedophiles would not look good.

So one buries, one forgets the affair, false testimonies in support.

In the meantime, young people fall for a piece of shit.

Unfortunately I hear in the audience:

Listen up, I am confident

Who do you trust? The police, the justice system, all are corrupted sons,

they stink in abuse;

I rather trust the homeboys in my street, is that clear!

I dont have any time to loose in useless words;

Here is the deal:

Lets educate the forces of law and order for less disorder.

Police a brainless machine under Justices orders and upon which I pee.

Police a brainless machine under Justices orders and upon which I pee.

From the 93, Seine St-Denis, Chicago.

Harbor of repeat offenders, mother country of vice,

I am sending you power, staying ahead of the game.

All in transcendence, I fool one by one

all the cops of France,

mercenaries, state employees inside a proletarian militia.

Terribly hip,

they are too down-to-earth to temper

or even to moderate.

The hereditary exuberance that has been

proliferating for too long.

Facilitating the increase of all prejudices and

now reinforcing the animosity

of the most precarious of powder keg.

Considered secondary by the dignitaries

of a too sedentary government

and a justice system too fake

for our approving voices

to just accept everything they say without question.

But when it was still time

sincerely, socially

to prevent the forthcoming problems,

everything was done backward, how?

Not a change of behavior

among the henchmen of the law.

King of the faux pas.

Therefore, what predicts a dirty climate

for the mother country of vice,

from all my accomplices,

from all the neighborhoods around,

before we rob them of the day.

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