Who are the stakeholders?

Although you will not implement your graduate project during the NSG6999 course, learning the various research and project development steps will assist you with implementation of a practice change after graduation. Thus, the focus of wk9 is the final project planning steps related to stakeholders, champions and potential barriers to a practice change. Regardless of the project participants, such as patients, community members or healthcare professionals, assessment of supportive individuals, potential change barriers and development of strategies to overcome the barriers will be the key to a successful project implementation.

Wk9A1 Discussion Questions:

Who are the stakeholders? Identify stakeholders by role or job within the project setting. Do not use names of individuals. Can you identify any champions or people within the setting which could be influenced to act as a champion?

What potential barriers can you identify? What strategy/ies would you use to prevent or overcome the barriers?

What change theory will you use to guide the plans for the practice change?

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