Write a response essay to Sontag’s thesis in her “In Plato’s Cave.”

Write a response essay to Sontag’s thesis in her “In Plato’s Cave.” (You will use the article that you pulled from the electronic databases last week to help you with this paper.) Be sure to have a strong thesis statement that presents an argument and is not a summary of Sontag’s essay. You should choose one idea that Sontag presents about photography and respond to her idea. Remember, you do not discuss all points of the essay. Use at least one direct quotations from each of the readings to support your ideas in the body paragraphs. Underline your thesis statement in Introduction paragraph, and topic sentences in your Body Paragraphs. Though you won’t have a topic sentence in your conclusion, don’t forget to write a conclusion! 3. Paper should be about 3 pages long, typed double spaced. Give me a creative title. Center it above the first paragraph of your essay. 6. Type your final draft in 12 pt. Times New Roman, regular font (please do not use Italics as a font type).

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