Write an essay on European Enlightenment.

Using information from class and your textbooks, please respond to the following essay question. Your answer must include at least four quotes from primary documents of your choosing from Reilly. Please make sure that you write the author of the primary source along with the page number next to your quotes: ex (L’Ouverture, 32).

Your essay must include an introduction, thesis (argument), body paragraphs that support your thesis by drawing on the primary source/s from Reilly for proof, and a conclusion. Please make sure that you are working with PRIMARY (NOT secondary sources). You will not receive credit for the use of secondary sources.

Imagine you have to opportunity to respond to the following statement about European imperialism:

The positive results of European imperialism in the 16th -19th centuries— such as scientific thinking, enlightenment thought, notions of universal human rights, global interconnectedness, advances in technology—far outweigh the negative aspects of European expansion—such as slavery, indigenous holocaust, environmental devastation, labor subjugation, colonialism.

Given what you now know, what you have read, and what we have discussed about the history of European imperialism in the 16th-19th centuries, how would you respond to this statement? Would you agree with it? If so, why? Would you disagree with it? If so, why? Would you fall somewhere in the middle? If so, why

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